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vrijdag 13 juli 2007

Who is 'Mystery Detective', UFO-Researcher, Co-Author, Webmaster, DVD-Producer & Radio Host John Kuhles ?

Who is 'Mystery Detective', UFO-Researcher, Co-Author, Webmaster, DVD-Producer & Radio Host John Kuhles ?

A very brief summary: Hello, my name is John Kuhles, I am from the Netherlands, born in 1966. I am a Dutch & international radio host, webmaster and an independent 'detective like' UFO-researcher for 17 years now.

You can call me a 'Mystery Detective' ;) My First UFO-encounter was on 15-07-1990 1.40 AM, as a security-officer on duty, filmed 2 times UFO, one making 90 degree turn and the other was a successful 'CE-5 initiative'! ... it changed my life forever ...

Because of my Near Death Experience (NDE) when I was 5 year old, I developed an alternative worldview and questioned on an early age our so called "education system" and our "free" mainstream media. Organised several International UFO-conferences in Amsterdam 1992-1996, all sold-out! (first was 550, second 1100 people!) Gave over 80 UFO-lectures, learned from Military, Police, Pilots who had UFO-encounters in Holland Was co-founder of 'Contact Network International' (CNI) that published "Exposure Magazine!" I have been on Dutch-National-TV about UFOs 22 times, made my own 2 hour RadioTalk Show called "Exposure Radio Live" in Amsterdam ...

1 year later: "Exposure TV" on local TV Amsterdam. Gave several workshops with the title "Finding your missing Link" using my own "Alien & Atlantean symbols" (soon available on DVD) to connecting starpeople & indigo-people with success! 2000-2007 making Alternative Media on the internet, with lot of audio and self made RealVideo's (total 3 Gigbyte site).

verbodennieuws.nl (forbidden news) & untoldmysteries.eu I made also a 24 HOUR Multimedia UFO-CD-Rom for researchers only ... (5 years work) Recently I am also a part of bbsradio.com producing a show called: 'UntoldMysteries out of Quarantine' Every Saterday LIVE ! BROADCAST TIMES: Netherlands & Belgium: 21.00 uur - 22.00 uur UK: 8 to 9 GMT (PM) ... USA-Canada (PM): 12 to 1 PST, 1 to 2 MST, 2 to 3 CST, 3 to 4 EST To see just a tip of the ice-berg of me: RealXFiles-UntoldMysteries-Introduction ALL ".rm" files are RealMedia files and can be viewed with RealMedia Player or with:

Real_Alternative_Lite RECONSTRUCTION-1st-UFO-Sighting-John-Kuhles.rm

John-Kuhles-on-Larry-King-LIVE-CNN-01m47s.rm John-Kuhles-Conspiracy-Marathon-Day-Local-TV-Amste rdam.rm (23,88Mb)-40m51sec

VPRO-TV-John-Kuhles-filmed-UFO-NewWorldOrder.rm (10,9Mb)-10min06sec

Totalitarian-New-Wo rld-Order-UFO-factor.wmv (with humor)

My statement on Dutch National TV in 1996 called 'Nova':

'If a Part of the real UFO [10-15% of the reports] turned out to be Alien space-crafts, it has huge consequences and implications in the following areas:

01. Political
02. Social
03. Economical
04. Religious
05. Military

(and 06. Medical.)

Can you name me one other subject that has all of these 5 power structures against it? (later I realized that the 06. Medical/Pharmaceutical Mafia must be added too)

Is it really so strange that we are being lied to beyond comprehension? - all under a cloak of illegal secrecy, having unlimited secret funding in sinister black-projects with no accountability & no public scrutiny! Massive abuse of power needs to be exposed and we, the people, have a 100% right2know.eu and a need2knoweu It concerns us all, so all efforts must be made to disclose this (google exopolitics) knowledge empowers, ignorance endangers our fate!

True or False: for any type of evil to triumph there has to be good people doing nothing!

By the way, what is worse? That our so called ' free' mainstream media are playing 'dumb' or that they ARE dumb on this topic?

To measure the quality and intelligence of ANY authoritative 'sceptic' is to examine his ability to make an honest summary of a controversial issue.

Still today most fail us dramatically, and are in my opinion, 'pseudo-sceptics'.

Being a healthy sceptic like ufoskeptic.org is wonderful, but pseudo-sceptics are creating obstruction of justice and will be held responsible for what they do to humanity.

Quote from a colleague:

John Kuhles of Holland, has embarked on a campaign to run as a European Parliamentary representative for the 2009 term. This multilingual candidate's achievements include years of service as a UFO/ET Phenomena researcher; web-radio program host; numerous guest appearances on European TV and radio programs; international ET/UFO conference organizer; producer of a DVD, creator of the Untold Mysteries website and forum, former I.C.A.R. Regional Director for Dutch-Speaking Countries. John's platform for his European Parliamentary representative campaign will demand full disclosure and open dialogue on the UFO/ET presence. John intends to serve as a spokesman for researchers, experiencers, and the full citizenry. John's campaign efforts also will extend to the promotion of free energy concepts through informing the public of feasible alternatives to the forced consumption of fossil fuels. With this campaign, John Kuhles enters into the arena of Exopolitics as a worthy participant. John has selected 'exopolitics.eu' as his party's name.

The continued expansion of European Union influence on both a regional and global scale makes the European Parliament a perfect forum to address exopolitical issues.

Amsterdam Netherlands, international UFO/ET ExoPolitics.eu conference, organized by John Kuhles, is scheduled for 2007. You would be a marvelous presenter at such a conference – when I hear that the definite dates are confirmed I will make sure to inform you as well as to the precise conference location in Amsterdam. Also, I have not yet heard of a press conference on this candidacy and will advise you when I hear of these developments.


Mainstream Media is Corporate Controlled en serve the New World Order Agenda !